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Private Training

Private Sessions are tailored to you and your dogs needs in the convenience of your own home. Training sessions come in a "package" of 3 lessons, of which are each roughly 1-2 hours in length. This ensures consistency as well as efficient, "complete" dog training. In these sessions, you will learn a wide range of behaviors and techniques such as "Place" work, impluse control (Leave it and Stay), as well as Recall (Come when called), plus much more. When it comes to Obedience, you and your dog will learn nearly everything there is to know!

Behavior Modification

This is a service for owners struggling with a dog who may be destructive, reactive, or aggressive towards common things in their environment. Examples of this would be aggression toward people, dogs, or even to members of the family. This service also addresses behavioral issues that are causing disharmony in you and your dogs lives including, but not limited to, barking, chewing, digging, or jumping. I can provide real solutions to these problems, even aggression and reactivity. If you have any major or minor issues, please contact me for help!

Dog Walking Lessons

I do not offer traditional dog walking services. Instead, this training option is a specifically designed service to teach your dog proper loose leash walking skills. I will work with you, alongside your dog, and teach you how to control your dog. Whatever walking issues you have, we can fix it!

However! This service is for leash issues, NOT reactivity... If your dog is aggressive and/or reactive toward other dogs/people on leash, you are probably in need of behavior modification training. Either way, please contact me and we can discuss options!

Monterey K9

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