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Day Training

During Day Training, your dog will stay with me for the majority of the day for behavioral training. He or she would exclusively be training with me at my house, out in town, at a park or beach, etc. Whatever your dog needs work on, I will handle. 

Length of Training

Typically "Day Training" will last about 4-5 hours. Plus time spent with you to go over and explain everything your dog has learned and improved on. Obviously your dog will get breaks in between, but I will train as much as I can for as long as I can. Additionally, if you choose a Day Training day, I block off that day just for you. So I will not have any interruptions with any other training client.

What Will Be Taught?

Basically anything you need "fixed" and/or bettered. Typically my clients like Day Training for Behavior Modification purposes. Something like needing help with Leash Reactivity and/or aggression cases are a very common reason for wanting Day Training. However, what your need is, I'll be able to accommodate. Things like help with Recall, Stay, Place, stop barking at the doorbell are all very doable, as examples. 


The cost is a $200 flat fee for about 4-5 hours worth of work.

For multiple dogs, the Day Training rate MAY change slightly as I may need more time with them. This completely varies by case, so please contact me and we can discuss options.


I technically can't guarantee anything, but I'm very confident I can make huge progress in the issues you are facing. Most likely will I can offer you solutions after just ONE session of Day Training. In fact, if I can't show you huge progress after I'm done for the day, I don't feel comfortable accepting payment for the service. If I can't get your dog better after 4-5 hours, I'll only charge you a Boarding rate, which is only $50. So, worst case scenario your dog gets a lot of training $50. 

Continued Training

For further training, I offer a package of Private Training at a discounted rate. 

Package price AFTER a Day Training lesson: $350 ($100 savings)

Individual lessons AFTER a Day Training lesson: $150 (unchanged)

Where To Begin?

I always start with a Consultation, so everything will begin there. Please Contact me to setup a consultation. Expect a Consultation to last about an hour and a half, and are priced at $50. 

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