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Tricks and Canine Conditioning Workshops

Tricks & Canine Conditioning Workshops are a one-time, 2 hour long workshop hosted at The Raw Connection in Carmel, CA. This workshop covers basic to advanced tricks, and your dog will also learn various Canine Conditioning exercises as well! 


Why Teach Tricks To Your Dog?


Short answer: It’s fun! Scientific answer: You’re activating your dog’s mind and opening communication barriers with you and your dog! Teaching tricks to your dog not only will be a very positive approach to training, it also stimulates your dog’s mind greatly, and strengthens the communication gap you have with an animal.

Most of the tricks you will learn in the workshop will influence your dog to think critically to be able to perform these complex commands. What that does for any animal, and especially for the bond you and your dog share, is it establishes a level of communication that you did not have before. This will not only help in your obedience, but in your day to day life. Fact: If you do more with your dog, and challenge your dog’s mental capabilities, your dog will better comprehend what you ask of them in the real world.

These workshops are not just about teaching tricks to you dog. It’s about having fun, doing more with your dog, and creating and strengthening your bond through levels of communication you never thought your dog had!

What is Canine Conditioning?

Canine Conditioning will help increase your dogs physical stamina, dexterity, coordination, and critical thinking skills! Not to mention help their strength and motor function in their muscles!

Requirements For A Tricks Class?

There is only one real requirement. Your dog must know some basic obedience for this to be an effective workshop. Your dog should know how to Stay, be able to focus on you, and be treat motivated. If your dog is so overly excited around dogs they cannot listen to you, even with the use of treats, you may not be ready. This does NOT mean overly excited dogs cannot attend, because that is what we want! Excited dogs ready to learn! However, if you cannot get your dog to focus with distractions around, I suggest you take my General Obedience Class. Click Here for more info!


Additionally, while puppies will be fine with the Tricks portion of the class, it is recommended puppies 6 months or younger take it easy, or skip some of the Canine Conditioning segments of the workshop.

Cost Of Workshop

This Two-Hour Workshop is only $100! Cash or check made payable to John Lucido can either be handed in at The Raw Connection on the day of the Workshop, or dropped off at the store at an earlier time with an Enrollment Form.


All Classes are held at:

The Raw Connection
26200 Carmel Rancho Blvd.
Carmel, CA, 93923

Enrollment Form and Class Sizes

Please download your Enrollment Form (Click The Giant Button Below) and bring this to The Raw Connection on the first day of class, or anytime beforehand to get signed up! 

Classes have a maximum of 6 dogs (unlimited people) per class. Once classes are filled, no more dogs will be accepted. So, please sign up ahead of time and contact me if you are interested! Thanks!


This class is not readily available, unfortunately. At this time, please inquire if you are interested in this type of workshop. When I have at least 3 (or more) people interested I will pick a good date that works for everyone to attend. It may be a weekend or weekday night, depending on everyone's preference/work schedule/availability. Understandably, this type of training isn't for everyone, and is sometimes hard to find the right people (never the dogs!) for this type of training. So, instead of putting this workshop on the calendar and having one or two people attend, I wait for seek out more participants so the workshop is more enjoyable for everyone attending.


There may be more people than you think wanting to take this type of workshop, so please inquire if you're interested! Send me an email or text at anytime to ask when the next potential workshop will be held! Thanks for your understanding and patience! 


Cell: 831-402-0797

Or use this link to contact me: Here


Puppy and General Obedience classes are 8 weeks long. Trick Workshops are a one-time 2-hour long workshop. The dates and times listed on this calendar are “Start Dates” and “Start Times.” Meaning, once a class you have selected has started, you will attend that class on the listed date and time, starting that day, and return once a week on that day of the week and time until the completion of the course.


Please fill out a Group Class Enrollment Form if you would like to sign up for a class.


Turn in a copy of that form and a check to The Raw Connection, or email your copy to at least (2) days prior to your start date to secure your spot.


For questions regarding classes, please Email John Lucido at or call/text at 831-402-0797. Thank you!

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