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Private Obedience Training

I offer private dog training services in the convenience of your own home, or at any specified location. I develop personalized training plans to find resolutions to unwanted behaviors and achieve any obedience needs you may have using positive reinforcement techniques. Whether you have a brand new puppy, want to better your obedience skills, need a better recall, your dog pulls on leash, or you're battling behavioral problems, I have a training plan for you!

How To Begin

Every new client will receive a lengthy consultation (sometimes up to 2 hours depending on the needs of your situation, but usually it's a one hour consult) so I can perform a behavioral assessment, and establish a modification/management plan. This costs $50. The length of the consultation has no factor on price. So, during our consultation, ask questions! I want to know what your concerns are, and I want to help as best as I can. I also want to know as much information as possible about you and your dog, so please don’t hold back anything. By the end of the consultation, I will give you my plan of how I’d like to start training your dog, and if we are both are on the same page, we will start as soon as you would like.

Training Packages

My training plan comes in a 3 course package. Meaning, after an initial consultation, you will purchase 3 (three) private training sessions that we will complete together. I do this to ensure "complete" training, promote consistency, as well as provide a vast amount of knowledge unto you. Additionally, I want to make sure that you fully understand all material covered during the course of training and that you are confident performing training with your dog when I'm not with you-I can't stress that enough.

What You Will Learn

Private training is tailored to your needs, and we will plan around what is best for you. However, expect to learn, but not limited to, this list of commands:

  • Place 

  • Loose Leash Walking (Heel)

  • Recall (Come When Called)

  • Stay/Wait

  • Impulse Control (Leave It, No "bolting" out the door, distractions drills)

  • Focus/Watch Me

  • Sit/Down/Stand

  • No Barking/Jumping

  • Much More

If your dog can "master" these simple commands, especially impulse control, you will have little to no issues (behavior wise) for the remainder of your dogs life. That's a fact.

With just 3 sessions, homework given, and practice, you can expect to see your dog make incredible strides toward mastering these commands with me. 

Why Not Single Sessions?

Over the years, I have found single sessions to be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. Although I have seen hundreds of cases where one or two sessions have worked miracles, the sad truth is, more often than not, the downfall most owners have is they do not keep the training up, or lack consistency. Scheduling and purchasing 3 sessions in a package really solves this problem. Purchases at least 3 sessions ensures some level of commitment on the owner/dog team, and that commitment and consistency will nearly always help create that change you're looking for in your dog, and this increases the success rate dramatically for the dog and your family. 

I'll share the two most common issues I get training inquiries for. Barking and Pulling. In ONE session, I can stop these behaviors. One. But what happens if there is no consistency or followup? The dog can revert back to their old habits, and training does not stick. Can you imagine what 3 sessions would do for a dog who has consistently barked at people walking by the house? How much we could build, better, add, proof, and challenge your dog? That dog would be perfect. Not only that, you would have homework goals. Knowing you have 3+ more sessions means everything - almost all of my clients practice! That's key to training!

When trainers only give you one or two sessions, you will see that immediate change, sure. However, I have seen and found that so many times these behaviors come back. When you are consistent during the training process, and followups are made, there are virtually no issues in the future. And that is the difference I want you to understand. Consistency really works, and so will this training. So, when someone compliments you and your dog, I want you to proudly announce "Thanks! John helped train my dog!" The alternative, single sessions, would be more like a stranger offering a suggestion for your pulling issues and you responding "Yeah, we had a trainer, but it didn't workout." That's unacceptable for my standards, and I strive for success and satisfaction. Your goals are my goals, and I'll achieve them with you.

Cost of Training

Consultation: $50

3 Lesson Training Package: $350

Additional Lessons (after the first 3): $100 each

       * Once you have completed 3 sessions with me, you get the $100 rate for the remainder of your dogs life

Length of Sessions

Expect sessions to last over an hour. For multiple dog households, plan on sessions lasting closer to 2 hours in length. I don't rush training, and I train for success. I will also assign plenty of homework. So, when scheduling please plan accordingly.

Location, Location!

I serve the Bryan/College Station area, and some surrounding areas. I may charge a small fee for travel, even for the consultation, if the location is very far from my home. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation please contact me here, or call/email me.

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