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Pet Sitting

I offer pet sitting in my home while you're away! Your dogs deserve to be in a home environment with a professional, which is much more comfortable than a noisy kennel - which will be much less stressful on your dog. They also will have supervised access to the house, backyard, and able to play with my dogs as much as they like! However, I only allow social and friendly dogs in my home. I have three dogs of my own, and potentially other dogs staying in my home, and I strive to uphold a fun, safe, stress-free environment for all dogs in my home.

If you still need pet sitting and your dog is not social, I do offer check-in services at your home, and if you absolutely need to have your dog stay with someone in a house, it is possible to keep dogs separated with crates if necessary. If you are unsure if all the dogs will get along, I will more than happily setup a time and place for our dogs to meet up beforehand to see if everyone will be compatible!

I do NOT offer any kind of overnight services staying in your home. Only check-ins. I have 3 dogs of my own to care for, Board and Train dogs that I may have, and other dog sitting dogs that may be in my home as well. I apologize for any inconvenience. 


My House and Where I'm Located

I have a home in Bryan, TX with a medium/large fully fenced yard. While supervised, dogs may roam free in and out of my house playing as much as they please. My dogs are very friendly (Australian Shepherds, a Border Collie, and 2 playful Huskies) and love guests in the house as well. I do HAVE CATS. Your dog must be friendly to cats as they very much enjoy roaming the house, and I do not want to lock them away for days/weeks because of a dog sitting client - I'm sorry. Because this is my business, I am almost always home, and will give your pets much more attention and exercise than a boarding facility. Because your dogs will be out all day, they will have the opportunity to play as much as they like with my dogs, go on walks, and even get to go on some hikes depending how free I am. Your dog will be in a much less of a stressful in an environment like he or she is used to, and will be treated just like my own dogs while in my home.

I DO use crates when I leave the house. If your dog is not crate trained, he/she will still more than likely be in a crate anyways while I leave unless they are completely trustworthy and good being left alone in a house. This is for safety for not only your dog, but for my belongings in my house. At times, they may be subject to being crated if I just cannot supervise them/if they're causing trouble (getting into things they're not supposed to or playing too rough and need a timeout). This is a very normal thing for most dog training, let alone basic dog care. Since I'm a dog trainer, I will help them through the process and make it as much of a positive experience as I can. Since your dog will be in a new environment, and a new house, I use crate training not only for structure, but this ensures everyone is safe and secure while I'm away and nothing gets destroyed or eaten mistakenly.


My Home:

1 Dog:      $50 per night

2+ Dogs:  $70 per night


Check-In Services (Your Home) :

$40 a day for 2 check-ins

$50 a day for 3+ check-ins



Dog Washes/Brushing/Blow Drying:


Pricing depending on size of the dog, breed, and matting of the coat

Nail Trims:

$10 (All sizes and breeds)

Nail Grinding:

$15 (all sizes and breeds)


I am insured through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Business Insurers of the Carolinas. This insurance covers medical bills for any potential dog fights or serious injuries, if your dog gets sick, emergency vet visits, even home damage (flood, fire, etc), regardless if it’s in my home, or yours. You can be at ease that if anything were to happen to your dog or home, it will be covered by a professional.

Monterey K9

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